Day 2 devo

“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”  Genesis 1:27

I have often wondered how am I made in the image of God? It’s easy for me to understand that God created me with affection in the same way my children were born to me. There’s something special about me and there’s something special about you. You were not an accident waiting to happen but created with an unique intent and purpose. God exerted the energy and effort to create me with the capacity to live on earth with human flesh and nature; and with an eternal soul to inhabit the heavens. Wow! What a glorious creation I am-you are.

Furthermore, God’s creation of me also validates to whom I belong. My Daddy is God. I have his DNA. When I was younger, I came to realize that my father who raised me was not my biological father; he was my adoptive father. However, he was always dad to me. I didn’t realize the importance of learning about my biological father until I became an adult and began wondering about his health history so I could know what I might expect with my own health as I grew older. The revelation of my biological father’s health only peeked my interest to want to research further into my family lineage to learn of my origin. Twenty years ago, when I had this experience the ancestral research was daunting. Today, with companies like a blood sample can open the door to  tracing my lineage back to Africa.

Today, as a disciple, it’s great to see the bible as the of Christianity. I can trace my spiritual back to God the creator. What does all this mean? It simply empowers me to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, my brother. It means I can be proud of my family members, like Moses, Abraham, Mary, Ruth, David, Isaiah and others who live faithfully before God. The bible can be read as my family album highlighting the special events.

So today be proud of who you are and who you belong to. You were made in the image of God. That’s why the conference will be our family reunion celebrating the highlights of our faith.

In His Image Action Steps:

  1. What characteristic are you most like God? Write it out.
  2. What quality would like to grow into more to be like God? Write it out.
  3. Ask a friend to help you grow in the area you desire most. Talk to them.


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